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The front steps and parking lot will be under construction from approximately June 5, 2023-July 29, 2023. During this time there will be no daily Mass at the Cathedral. Instead, Tuesday through Friday, Mass will be at St. Anthony in Superior at 8:30 am. On the weekends, Mass will be at the Cathedral at the regularly scheduled times, and a handicapped entrance will be available.

Continue to use extra care around the construction area during our concrete/blacktop project

  • NOTE: it changes every week, so be prepared and cautious
  • NOTE: please only park in marked spaces; do not park in the fire lane or on/near the plaza
  • NOTE: we will use social media, the parish app, and Facebook to announce changes

Renee Wachter explains the need for support
Father Andrew explains how we arrived at the plan for the Cathedral Centennial Campaign
Kent Phillips, Campaign Chairperson for the Cathedral Centennial Campaign

Cathedral Centennial Campaign Brochure

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