February 24, 2022 4:13 pm

In the time before Lent, many of us start thinking about what we and our family members are going to “give up for Lent” Many bad habits are put on hold during that six week period, while other habits are given up completely. As others approach you to share their sacrifice, below are a few that you might offer:

1. Take the time to set up online giving, it is easy to do and will help you give consistently throughout the year. Through the Giving button you can choose your parish as well as giving to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul or other needs.
2. Set a prayer reminder and pray every day. Need more accountability? Set one with a group of friends.
3. Start a daily Lenten reflection through the Inspire Daily button.
4. Be more accepting of other peoples’ habits that seem to push you over the edge. Close your eyes, smile and think about why that person or action annoys you. When you take a moment to think about it, you might feel better about yourself which will in turn help you to be more accepting of others.
5. Start weekly and offer acts of kindness to your friends; surprise a friend with a meal, stop by with a little inexpensive gift for them, offer to run an errand for someone or pick up something from the grocery store for them. Even something as simple as a happy text. Seeing the gratitude from others will encourage you to continue this lifestyle habit.