July 20, 2023 9:04 pm


The construction at the Cathedral is moving along at a good pace. Even with the rain we had on Wednesday, there is a lot of activity going on with the tearing up and rebuilding of the parking lot.

Note that the Cathedral parking lot will NOT be available for any parking for masses this coming weekend, July 22-23. Because of the nature of the work presently happening, it is not possible to park on it. Workmen will be working on the rebuilding of the parking lot over the weekend.

For this weekend’s masses, please plan to come into the Cathedral either from the front of the Cathedral using the new steps on the Belknap side, or from Baxter Avenue side. From Baxter Avenue, use either the door facing Cathedral School or come up the sidewalk and steps to the front doors, or come up the sidewalk to the “yellow brick road” ramp handicapped entrance).

You can park on either side of Baxter Avenue, or in the Cathedral School parking lot, or on the street on Grand Avenue.

This is the part of the project that is very interesting to watch, but more inconvenient than what we are accustomed to. Remember, the end result will be well worth it!

Thank you for your patience during this time. Thank you for your support of the Cathedral and Centennial Project! Be safe while coming into and leaving the Cathedral.