Calvary Cemetery Reminders

Flags, flower baskets and other decorations may be placed on graves five (5) days before Memorial Day and MUST be removed within fifteen (15) days thereafter. Flowers and other decorations placed in urns or containers built into flush monuments, foot markers or other ground level markers shall be placed and removed in accordance with this same schedule. Flower baskets, urns and other decorations may be mounted on or attached to monuments. Attachments must be secured to the monument and provide a minimum clearance of 12 inches between the ground and the decoration. Artificial flowers must be secure in their containers. Flowers and decorations placed for funeral services will be removed by the Sexton when the flowers fade.The following installations at grave sites WILL NOT be allowed:

Placement of fences, rocks, bricks or other permanent materials around monuments.

Planting of flowers, trees or other vegetation around monuments or on graves.

Any such installation will be removed by the Sexton without liability.Memorial trees may be planted at locations approved by the Sexton. The Association shall not be responsible for theft, vandalism, or accident within the cemetery. Please Note: Due to theft and vandalism in previous years, we ask that you mark your name(permanently) on flower baskets, urns and other decorations that you place temporarily on graves.

Memorial Day Mass (May 31st) will be celebrated at Calvary Cemetery at 9:00 a.m. (weather permitting). Inclement weather, Mass will be celebrated at Cathedral. Thank you